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OZE APPEAL@@@ August 23, 1997

We, who love mountains, have gathered here in Oze and have agreed to confirm the following points as a result of our friendly discussion.
For human beings' lives to be sustained, the mountain environment, replete with enriched nature, is indispensable. Especially for youths, it is the very place in which they can train their minds and bodies and deepen their thoughts.
Now, once again, we firmly recognize the importance of the natural environment centered around mountains. Bearing in mind such recognition, we would like to pass the baton to the next generation while keeping this precious nature undamaged.
We will bring back home our small pieces of promises which we have confirmed here, such as: "be sure to bring back home whatever you have brought from home." and we will make efforts so that such ideas prevail throughout society.
We will make the best use of advice from our senior alpinists to form our own efforts "to protect mountains while enjoying mountains" and "to seek ways of co-existing with nature"@and we will implement such ways together with our friends.
For us, who love mountains, it is a prime duty to ensure that the beautiful mountain nature all over the world, including Oze, is succeeded to the 21st Century.
Now we will declare that we will cherish the greenery which we have seen here and consolidate our ideas and efforts to conserve mountains all around the globe.